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Gas Chromatography Calibration

What is gas chromatography?

Gas chromatography is a technique used to separate the chemical components of a gaseous mixture and detect their presence as well as their concentration, as the need may be. Gas chromatography has a wide range of applications across industries and is also used for environmental monitoring. Many of these applications relate to safety and regulatory compliances which means the equipment needs to be calibrated regularly.

Gas chromatography calibration

Gas chromatography equipment calibration is required to maintain their accuracy and precision as well as notify maintenance and service when required. Usually equipment is calibrated annually or biannually depending upon the gas mixture, environmental parameters, and other affecting factors present with the equipment.

Some of the key criteria to consider when running gas chromatography calibration are:

- The connection between the carrier gas cylinder and the gas chromatography equipment is leak-proof.

- The valve and regulator used on the cylinder allows the technician to control the flow rates and adjust the pressure of the gas mixture to observe the change in the readings.

- Ensure that the pre-defined criteria set for the equipment is being met as the mixture concentration, flow rates, and pressure is changed.

- Ensure that the concentration levels and response times of the gas mixture are accurate.

Depending on the gas chromatography equipment used and the gas mixture being analyzed, the calibration procedure will vary. For certain complex gas detection systems, individually identifying the molecular composition of the mixture would require the technician to calibrate for each gas separately. The technician must ensure that the calibration equipment is functional and maintained. Finally, in cases of safety and regulations, it is advisable to record every calibration session for audits and future references.

Since gas chromatography has a wide applicability across experimental, analytical, and monitoring purposes, its calibration becomes a service offering that requires technical superiority and experience. To make sure that your calibration equipment is up to date and of the highest quality, enquire now with SGI for a wide variety of regulators and valves for your gas mixture cylinders.