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Composite Cylinders: Definition, Types, and Uses

What is a composite cylinder?

Composite cylinders are cylinders with multiple layers including wound materials combined with resin over a metallic or non-metallic layer.

The cylinders highlight multiple features thanks to new-generation sustainable technology used to manufacture the same. Some of the well-known features include:

- Lightweight: Compared to their metallic counterparts, the cylinders are rather lightweight allowing ease of transport and handling.

- Recyclable: Most composite cylinders available in the market can be recycled, improving their sustainability.

- UV resistant: The cylinders are UV resistant and hence have a wide applicability in many industries.

- Rust and corrosion resistant: Most composite cylinders are rust and corrosion resistance improving the cylinder's longevity.

Composite cylinder classification

Composite cylinders are mainly 2 types of cylinders named according to their contents i.e. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Although the global composite cylinder market can be classified based on cylinder type, tank type, and fiber type. Take a look at the classification table below to understand better:

Composite cylinder use cases

More often than not, composite cylinders have mainly domestic use cases (both indoor and outdoor) such as at homes, caravans, camping, barbecues, etc. Apart from that, they are used in other commercial places such as hot air balloons, boats, hospitality, construction, agriculture, fishing, recreation, and much more. Some other industries that are also benefiting from the composite cylinder technology for LPG and CNG include, but not limited to aerospace, transportation, energy, infrastructure, etc.

With organizations bringing in advanced technology such as IoT for logistics, transportation and handling of composite cylinders is a lot easier. End users, vendors and manufacturers can now ensure safety and keep track of the cylinders throughout the logistical journey. Speaking of safety, most industrial uses require certified safety equipment using the cylinder. SGI offers the best solutions for regulators, valves, and other accessories. Take a look at our custom solutions for all your gas equipment needs.